Working with glass is so inspirational to me; the colors, the textures, the depth that is created in various processes is amazing.  Imagine working with such a fragile medium with sharp edges, it is glass after all, and transforming it into beautiful pieces of art that can be decorative and/or functional. 

Fused glass, or kiln-formed glass, is a process where various types and colors of glass are combined and heated in a kiln to create a new solid piece of glass.  The glass is then cold-worked to to create beautiful edges and re-fired in the kiln to shape the glass into its final form.  Sometimes the glass only needs to be fired once, other times it requires multiple firings, all dependent upon the process required for the piece being created.  Each piece is 100% hand made and made in the USA!

As with all hand made creations, there will be differences in every piece; making each creation a unique piece just for you.  All of the glass I create, unless noted, is food safe although I would recommend hand washing them. 

Please be aware that most items can be created in a variety of colors and sizes.  If you see something that you like but would rather a different color or size, simply go to my contact page and send me your requests.  Most of my items are made to order to ensure you get the piece you really want!

Sherri Fowler-Nagle